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ID 1000 small pumping station

ID 1000 small pumping station


ID1000 small pumping stations are meant for overpumping wastewater, stormwater and drainage water of private houses or smaller house groups. This is a complete pumping station, supplied with inner pipeline and suitable pump. Two pumps can be also installed into ID1000 pumping station. In this case the maximum diameter of inner pipeline is DN50. The pumping station and technical drawing are made according to the project. We prepare the detailed drawing on what basis everything can be checked and confirmed - thereafter we provide the required pumping station. We also offer control panesl for the pumping stations which operates the pumps, protects the engines of the pumps and forwards the emergency signals as SMSes to the mobile phone of the administrator or owner.
We also provide installation for the control panels.

The complete offer includes:

1. Complete pumping station ID1000 with inner pipeline
2. Pump (1 or 2 pcs)
3. Control panels
4. Reinforced concrete plate with wedge anchors
5. Closing valve outside the pumping station (for inflow and outflow)

Components of wastewater pumping station:

  1. Plastic tank cylinder ID1000mm (PE) of pumping station
  2. Lockable (PE) plastic cover or cast iron cover (40T)
  3. Guide rails of pumps (AISI316)
  4. Ladder with non slippery steps (AISI316)
  5. Ballvalve DN50 (brass)
  6. Non-return valve DN50 (cast iron)
  7. Ventilation pipes De110mm (PE)
  8. Pressure pipes DN50/De63mm (PE)
  9. Bolts, nuts, washers (AISI316)
  10. Reinforced bottom of pumping station (steel/PE)