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Meie tootevalikus on:

- Reo-, sademe- ja drenaazivee pumplad ID700 - 2400mm

- Reo-, sademe- ja tarbevee maa-alused mahutid ID700 - 2400mm

- Reo-, sademe- ja tarbevee maapealsed mahutid ID700 - 2400mm

- Hüdrandi-, siibri-, õhueraldus-, veemõõdu-, kanalisatsiooni- ja sidekaablikaevud ID700 - 2400mm

- Pinnaspuhastid ehk septikud, ID1000, standardsed 2000 l ja 3000 l ja suuremad vastavalt projektile

- Reo-, sademe-, truubi- ja kaevude valmistamiseks torud, OD400, 560 ja ID500 - 2400mm, ringjäikusklassiga SN2 - SN16 kN/m2

Pumping stations

Our selection includes small storm and wastewater pumping stations (ID700-1000 mm) and large sized STRONG pumping stations (ID1200 - 2400 mm).  As the specialized producers of pumping stations we offer fully completed pumping stations, including pumps and control panels, also installation and test run of pumping stations.

Complete control cabinets

We offer control panels for the pumping stations and chambers with water meter. The control panel of the pumping stations will be designed according to the needs of the client. The suitable control panel of the pumping station can be obtained from us by the owner of the private house as well as the most demanding water company.


STRONG tanks are suitable for collecting drinking-, storm-, fire- and wastewater. The tank of suitable size can be chosen according to different diameter and length. The tanks are made of strong PE double wall spiral pipe which is resistant to the potential mechanical damages both in installation as well as in exploitation.

Septic tanks

STRONG septic tank is a subsurface disposal system with a set of three-chambered sludge holding tank, distribution well and accessories of filter drain. The correct and accurate installation guarantees flexible and smooth operation for many years.


The selection of chabmers includes air realease chambers, manholes with valves, watermeter chambers, sewerage telscope chambers, cable manholes etc. All chambers are made of strong PE double wall spiral pipe and according to the standard EN13598 requirements with ring stiffness of at least SN2 (2 kN/ m2).


We produce a wide choice of strong PE double wall spiral pipes with large sizes (ID500-2400 mm). The main usage areas are culverts, stormwater and wastewater pipelines. The ring stiffness can be chosen according to the application and terms. The choice includes ring stiffness classes of SN2, SN4, SN8 and SN16 (kN/m2).

For the industry

We offer special-purpose tanks of PE and PP plastic and pipelines of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE material (pipes, fittings, closing devices etc) for the industrial companies. When choosing the suitable pipeline - the chemical composition, temperature and pressure in the system should be known.

Welding rod

We produce high quality PE and PP welding rods.