We use:

  • licensed software programs
  • the most widely used CAD system in the world to create drawings - SolidWorks 3D CAD
  • SolidWorks Simulation to create strength calculations
  • AutoCAD Electrical to create control cabinet schemes for pumping stations

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Technical information

Tootevalik Figure Standard Catalogue Certificate Installation manual Specification
Pumping stations
ID 700 pumping station for private house
ID 1000 small pumping station
ID 1200 STRONG pumping station
ID 1400 STRONG pumping station
ID 1600 STRONG pumping station
ID 2000 STRONG pumping station
ID 2400 STRONG pumping station
ID 1600 STRONG Reservoir-Pumping Station 10 - 25 m³
ID 2400 STRONG Reservoir-Pumping Station 30 - 60 m³
ID1400 - 2400 STRONG booster pumping stations
SSS pumping station
Complete control cabinets
Complete control cabinets of pumping station without data transmission
Complete control cabinets of pumping stations with GSM signals
ALARM DEVICE Tank Check TC-412
ID1000 PE tanks STRONG 1-10 m³
ID1600 PE tanks STRONG 10-25 m³
ID2400 PE tanks STRONG 25-60 m³
ALARM DEVICE Tank Check TC-412
Septic tanks
Septic tank STRONG 2000 L
Septic tank STRONG 3000 L
Septic tank STRONG 4000 - 15 000 L
Manhole with valve ID1000-2400 mm
Air release wells ID1000 - 2400m
Watermeter wells ID1000-2400 mm
Cable well ID700 STRONG Opto
Wastewater and stormwater pipes STRONG
For the industry
PE100 Electrofusion fittings AGRU
PE100 Butt fusion fittings AGRU
Industrial pipelines of PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE materials
Special-purpose tanks
Welding rod
PE100 welding rod