Innovative Water Systems

Innovative Water Systems is the company focusing on the production of pumping stations based on the Estonian capital, assisting to solve the water collection, processing and overpumping issues with the help of its pumping stations and other environmental products. We have been operating at the Estonian market since year 2007 and secured our position as a stable and reliable partner in the sector of water and sewerage.

The end users of our products are water companies providing water supply and sewerage service requiring up-to-date and durable sewerage pumping stations compliant with its specific requirements to guarantee the functionality of the sewerage and stormwater systems.

The sale to the consumers is performed through the sales companies of water supply and sewerage products which deliver the integral systems of pipes, fittings, closing devices up to pumping stations to the constructors, private persons or the companies providing the water and sewerage service.

What are we offering to our clients?

To the water company. Our aim is to produce pumping stations compliant with all requirements of the companies providing the water and sewerage service. The water companies have created the specific needs on the basis of long-term experience and also the related requirements. It should be understood that the pumping station is an essential junction of the pipeline and it should have long useful life being no matter for compromise.

We provide security to the sales and construction companies that the products made by us comply with the requirements of the clients are resistant in installation and exploitation and the delivery terms are met. We guarantee fast delivery through innovative production method – pumping stations, resrvoir pumping stations, tanks, septic tanks etc are produced of the modules present in the warehouse.

We offer special training and good advice to the designers and supervisors to be thus a valuable partner for the client.

We offer a wide choice of different plastic pipes, fittings and special-purpose tanks for the industrial companies.

Our product trademark is “STRONG” which means the long-lasting product (pumping station, septic tank, tank etc) compliant with all requirements of the end user. The trademark is used in all product presentations and already well-known for numerous clients. The trademark STRONG has been registered in all European countries.